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Gabriele Mocciaro

These are a few introductory words about my background. My main research focus relies in the field of nutrition and metabolism. Specifically, I am interested to dissect the role of diet on the prevention and treatment of metabolic disease and its complications (coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, fatty liver, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer).


During my MSc internship, I worked within two trials aiming to unravel the role of the Mediterranean diet in reversing the features of Metabolic Syndrome in subjects with mild Cognitive Impairment, and in investigating the impact of this dietary pattern in the risk of relapse of breast cancer.

Formerly NNEdPro Education and Science Reviewer




Cambridge, England

I then moved at the University of Newcastle as a visiting student where, under the supervision of Dr. Mario Siervo, I participated to interventional trials, learned basics of biomedical statistics (SPSS) that I applied to retrospective analyses (the results will be submitted soon), and I had the chance to improve my academic writing skills (manuscripts and projects). Following that experience, I moved to the MRC Elsie Widdowson Lab in Cambridge, where I have been involved in nutritional research projects and education. Currently, I am working with the University of Cambridge, Biochemistry Department.



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