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Current Activities

External services provided from Cambridge


  • Subscribing Membership of IANE for Individuals and Organisations, in partnership with the Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior

  • Cambridge Summer School and Foundation Certificate in Applied Human Nutrition (5-days), in partnership with the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education and held at Wolfson College Cambridge. Dually accredited to date, for Continuing Professional Development, by the Royal College of Physicians and Royal Society for Biology

  • Annual International Summit and Conference on Medical and Public Health Nutrition Education and Research (2-days) at Wolfson College in Cambridge and the Cambridge Biomedical Campus. Dually accredited to date, for Continuing Professional Development, by the Royal College of Physicians and Royal Society for Biology. Includes an Annual Essay Competition and Scientific Poster Session

  • Global Innovation Panel Regional Networks and Global Knowledge Exchange Faculty in Nutrition and Healthcare Education across the UK, Ireland, Italy, USA, Canada, Morocco, Kenya, Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand as well as emerging regions of interest

  • Online and Blended Learning Development in Applied Human Nutrition in partnership with Nutrition in Medicine (University of North Carolina, USA) and Food as Medicine (Monash University, Australia)

  • International Curriculum Development in Nutrition and Health Education in partnership with the American Society for Nutrition Co-ordinating Centre for Nutrition Education in Professional Schools, working in conjunction with the US National Institutes of Health

  • Nutrition Science Education (1-week from core concepts to health applications) within the 4-week Science Summer Programme of the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education

  • Nutrition-related Internships and Visiting Studentships across NNEdPro principal hubs in Cambridge, London, Ulster and Parma as well as internationally via regional hubs

  • Article Series in Complete Nutrition as an ongoing dissemination tool enabling engagement with the evidence-based nutrition community to over 13,000 health professionals 9 times each year

  • BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health a flagship peer-reviewed online journal co-owned by the NNEdPro Group in conjunction with the British Medical Journal Group.


Internal services provided to Cambridge


  • Clinical and Public Health Nutrition Education for medical students through the clinical curriculum (mandatory and elective teaching using face-to-face and blended learning, as well as research-based ‘Student Selected Components’ [SSCs] under the Nutrition Education Review Group [NERG]) at the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine, in conjunction with the Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

  • Healthcare-related Nutrition, Research and Leadership Education for junior doctors on the Core Medical Training (CMT) Programme under the NHS Health Education East of England Local Education and Training Board (Deanery).

  • Mentoring in Nutrition and Medical Education and/or Research for NHS Clinicians, particularly in Obesity Management, Nutrition Support and Dietetics within the Cambridge University Health Partners framework.

Recently Completed Collaborative Activites

The NNEdPro Chair is a longstanding Member of the Registration Committee of the Association for Nutrition and over 2014-17, Co-Chaired its Healthcare Specialism Working Group leading to the development of a Healthcare-Medical ‘pathway’ for Doctors Licensed with the UK General Medical Council to gain the appropriate nutrition competencies for entry to a designated section of the UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists.


The NNEdPro Group and Wolfson College Cambridge ran a very successful and productive International Academic Visitor Scheme through a strategic partnership over 2014-17, bringing together key opinion leaders in medical nutrition education and related research from across the world leading to the development of an International Knowledge Application Network in Nutrition aligned with the 2025 UN Decade of Action on Nutrition.




Subscribing Members (individuals or organisations) of our International Academy of Nutrition Educators receive tailored mentoring support and access to our scientific network to help implement nutrition knowledge in specific settings or contexts. Each member can access advisory services including methodology training, developing research or implementation protocols and more. If you are interested in becoming a member of the International Academy of Nutrition Educators, please click here for details on membership requirements, fees and benefits.



We offer a Foundation Certificate Course in Applied Human Nutrition providing in depth exposure to basic concepts, research methods, disease prevention, nutrition in healthcare and public health nutrition as well as policy. The course provides an excellent foundation for those aiming to pursue nutrition-related research as well as for those interested in practical approaches to an individual or population and public health perspectives. For further information on our Summer School, please click here. The University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education is handling registration queries for our Summer School. Please click here to visit their registration website.



Our Annual International Summit on Medical Nutrition Education brings together experts and speakers from all over the world to discuss how research and education can work together in making a difference in the lives of patients. The 4th Annual International Summit on Medical Nutrition Education and Research will focus on Nutrition as a Hard Science. We engage with stakeholders and representatives from numerous countries who convene at our Summit to discuss a common goal: to optimise nutrition care in health practice through education and research. If you are interested in attending or being a speaker, please contact us. To register interest in attending our International Summit, please email info@nnedpro.org.uk. For more information on our International Summit, please click here.



We have proven agility in assembling a Global Knowledge Exchange Faculty (GKEF) to conduct symposia or provide training worldwide, by harnessing the expertise within the NNEdPro Group and its scientific networks. Our GKEF is experienced in conducting regional and problem-specific needs assessments prior to designing, delivering and evaluating educational interventions to ensure maximum and sustainable impact as well as scalability. We also provide bespoke workshops to organisations to upskill their staff. If you would like us to conduct a needs assessment and/or provide tailored nutritional training in your region or organisation, please contact us and we would be happy to provide a preliminary assessment.

Note: Evaluation, impact assessment and peer-reviewed publication of outcomes are key features of IANE’s development activities. For related research activities including research into medical/healthcare nutrition education and implementation, see: www.nnedpro.org.uk/implementation-consulting. For related publications and outputs see: www.nnedpro.org.uk/key-outputs