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Invited Presentations

---Full list of invited presentations for 2016-17 coming soon---


Salt Reduction targets for 2017. (2015). Food Matters Live. London, UK.


NNEdPro Nutrition Vascular Studies Mini Symposium January (2015). Parma, Italy.  


Plenary Chair on Leading through Research and Innovation (2015). International Conference of Primary Care and Public Health. Imperial College London, UK.


NNEdPro approach to Education and Research (2015). EU-China Symposium on Nutrition and Diabetes. Shanghai, China.


The Role of Mentoring (2015). Nutrition Society Postgraduate Conference. Cambridge, UK.


Back to Basics with Nutrition (2015). EXPO 2015 Nutrition Symposium – Milan, Italy.


‘NNEdPro From Local to Global’ (2015). WHO Collaborating Centre at Imperial College London.


World Congress on Public Health, Commonwealth Dietitians and Nutritionists Association and associated lecture series in the East of India (2015). ‘Nutrition education and Leadership for Improved Clinical/Public Health Outcomes’ (NELICO) in India.


Presentations at the Meeting of New England/Mid-Atlantic Regional Medical School Educators and Supplementary Workshop (2015). American Society for Nutrition Conference at Experimental Biology. Boston, USA.


Eden T, Rajput-Ray M and Ray S. (2014) Cambridge University Press, Nutrition in Critical Care. Chapter: Micronutrient and vitamin physiology and requirements in critically ill patients. Link to resouce.


Dietetic Education Session Workshop (2014). Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge.


‘NNEdPro’- A Platform Bridging Research, Policy and Practice (2014). Brighton-Sussex Medical School.


Presentation on Public Health Nutrition at the Symposium on Climate Change, Food and Human Health (2014). London, UK.


Series of lectures on Hydration Education for General Practitioners, Generic Nutrition Training for Researchers and Research awareness for Dietitians in the East of England (2014).


Presentation on the importance of Medical Nutrition Education (2014), to the Gillings School of Public Health, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA.


Presentation on the role of healthcare professionals and nutrition in NCD prevention to the United Nations General Assembly in New York, USA (2014).


Workshop entitled ‘Nutrition Competencies in Health Professionals’ Education and Training: A New Paradigm’ (2014). American Society for Nutrition Conference at Experimental Biology. San Diego, USA.


Updates in Nutrition for Healthcare Professionals. BR Singh Hospital, Kolkata, India (2014).

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