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James Bradfield

James is an MSc student of Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Chester. He holds a degree in Nutritional Sciences from the University College Cork where he completed a final year research project on the impact of visceral adiposity on survival times in patients with gastrointestinal cancer. In his third year of his undergraduate degree, James undertook an internship with the NNEdPro Group where his key responsibilities were for the organisation of the Summer School and Summit in 2017. He subsequently joined the Global Innovation Panel and more recently the Ops and Logistics Panel as Nutrition Education, Innovation and Strategy Officer.



Nutrition Education, Innovation & Strategy




Chester, England

Now James’ main responsibilities lie in the NNEdPro Group’s e-learning activities alongside strategy work and writing the monthly Complete Nutrition article. The former resulted in a successful poster abstract presented at the IUNS International Congress in Buenos Aires in 2017.


James has many years of experience in working with individuals from a wide array of backgrounds and cultures through volunteering with the European Youth Parliament and Learning Enterprises, teaching English abroad.