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Two linked Randomised Controlled Trials (University of Dundee) of berry intake and effects on vascular/endothelial function and metabolic risk as well as UV protection.


Randomised controlled trial looking at the effects of a wide range of fruit and vegetable extracts on vascular/endothelial function and metabolic risk. For details please see Nutrition and Vascular Function Trial. This study is also linked with the following sub-studies:

        Participant recruitment and clinical safety

        Hydration status and vascular function

        Central vs peripheral blood pressure


Vascular function sub-study linked with a metabolic trial of green tea/coffee polyphenols.


Vascular function acute trial comparing techniques using a hazelnut extract intervention.


Vascular function study of patients undergoing an acute and intensive weight loss intervention.


Based on NVS work, the NNEdPro group aims to translate key findings and other supporting evidence from the wider literature, particularly into educational innovations (incorporating impact assessment) for healthcare professionals.

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Individual Diets, Nutrition and Vascular/Endothelial Function