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Official Charity Partner

The Lord Rana Foundation Charitable Trust (charity registration: RCT XR15072) was originally established to promote charitable and peace-making initiatives in Northern Ireland. In 1997 the trust shifted its focus to India, funding the refurbishment of a high school, and establishing educational facilities at Sanghol, near Chandigarh, Punjab. This has expanded steadily until it is now a 25-acre campus with several institutions offering education and training from nursery level to postgraduate studies. Most recently the charity has started working in partnership with the NNEdPro Global Centre.

The Lord Rana MBE is the NNEdPro Honorary Global Patron and the Lord Rana Foundation Charitable Trust acts as our official registered charity and provides custodianship and financial hosting of projects with charitable objects. Key members of the NNEdPro leadership are cross appointed into honorary positions within the trust.