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Operations & Logistics Team

Directors Work: 2016-2020 Members News

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Jennifer Dean

Chief Advisor on Strategy, People & Partnerships

[Chief Advisor]

Cambridge, England

Ananya Ria Roy


Membership, Comms & Int’l

Events/UK-India Support

[Comms Officer]

London, UK

Sumantra Ray

NNEdPro Chair

[Ex-Officio - Ops & Logistics]

Cambridge, England

Pauline Douglas

NNEdPro Vice-Chair

[Ex-Officio - Ops & Logistics]

Ulster, Northern Ireland

Matheus Abrantes

James Bradfield

Nutrition Education, Innovation & Strategy Support

[Education Officer]

Chester, England

Matt Harvey

Office Administration, Technical & Team Support

[Team Co-ordinator]

Cambridge, UK

SR Standard PD Circular Jennifer Dean


- Karen Chamberlain - Transitional Operations, Workflow & Projects until Jan/Feb 2019; Senior Member of Collaborators Network thereafter


- In 2019 we expect to appoint into additional positions in the operations & logistics team

Chair's Assistant, Office & Online Support

[Chair’s Assistant]

São Paulo, Brazil

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