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Selvarani Elahi

Selvarani is the UK Deputy Government Chemist and Business Manager for Food Research at LGC. She has over 25 years’ experience in the analysis of food and agriculture samples for authenticity, contaminants, additives, composition and nutrients, and has also led teams delivering consumer product testing. Selvarani is an experienced project manager who has successfully delivered numerous complex projects for the UK government, the European Commission and the private sector; she is currently leading the pioneering Food Authenticity Network (www.foodauthenticity/uk). Additionally, she works across a variety of policy areas, with different stakeholder groups, to improve standards in measurement science.

Deputy Government Chemist and Nominated Officer


London, England

Dan Del Rio Pauline Douglas Minha Rajput-Ray Sumantra Ray

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Technical Expertise:


•Chair of the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) authenticity methods working group


•Member of UK Defra & Food Standards Agency’s authenticity steering group


•Member of the UK Royal Society of Chemistry Analytical Methods Committee Nitrogen factors sub-committee


•Member  of UK delegation for CODEX ALIMENTARIUS Committee on Methods of Analysis(CCMAS)


•Member of the Mastership of Chemical Analysis Examinations Board


•Led work relating to LGC’s role as the UK National Reference Laboratory for added water in poultry for eight years including serving on the EC board of experts for this area


•Led work relating to LGC’s role as the UK National Reference Laboratory for feed additives in animal feeds for eight years


•NNEdPro  Senior Research Collaborator and Member of the NNEdPro Strategic Advisory Committee


•Official attendee of the Defra UK Hazardous Substances Advisory Committee


Professional Membership:


•Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry


•Fellow of the Institute of Food Science and Technology